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Collage Canvases: when one photo just isn't enough

Make the ordinary extraordinary by transforming your memories in to one of our stunning collage canvases. Preserve the moment with one of our inset collage canvases, tell a story with a mosaic collage canvas or choose a fun shaped collage canvas for a truly unique canvas print.

Use the power of Facebook or Instagram to bring your moments alive.

With quality as standard, and personal service with each print, Collage Canvas prints look stunning on any wall.

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2. Select the orientation and size

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Quality Word Art Canvas Prints

word canvas

Word art canvas prints: a world of inspiration. Remarkable results achieved on canvas.

From £11.00

Quality Montage Shape Canvas Prints

word canvas

Upload from 2 to 100 images and watch as our automated collage creator fills the shape to create a spectacular collage canvas.

From £11.00

Find your perfect style. Choose the type of collage you wish to use from the designs below.

1. Choose number of rows & lines

2. Select orientation and size

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Landscape / Portrait
12" x 9"£11.00
16" x 12"£14.99
20" x 15"£19.99
24" x 18"£24.99
30" x 22.5"£34.99
36" x 27"£49.99

Panoramic / Tall
16" x 8"£14.99
20" x 10"£19.99
24" x 12"£24.99
30" x 15"£34.99
36" x 18"£44.99

10" x 10"£11.00
12" x 12"£14.99
16" x 16"£19.99
20" x 20"£24.99
24" x 24"£34.99
30" x 30"£44.99
36" x 36"£59.99

Create Instagram Collage Canvases

instagram canvases link
Create your own Instagram collage canvas prints here
Instagram Collage Canvases

Create Wordart Collage Canvases

wordart canvases link
Create your own Wordart collage canvas prints here
Wordart Collage Canvases
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