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Instagram collages

Why Our Instagram

Are you looking for eye-catching collage canvases? Creating personal mementos? Telling a story with pictures?

Use the magic of the Instagram App to create unique and individual collage canvas prints. Canvases with style. Collages with an edge.

With Instagram, you can take professional quality, stunning images in moments. The filters mean you can control the image, bringing out the abstract and artful qualities, whilst letting your creative side loose. The vintage nature and cool elegance of your Instagram photos means they make perfect canvas prints.

Instagram collage canvas prints let you take a collection of images and display them together in one stunning canvas print. Perhaps you'll choose to display a collection of those ‘selfies' taken at key moments in a personal journey. Or choose an Instagram collages as the perfect way to illuminate those inspiring images of friends and family.

The square format and artistic borders of Instagram pictures mean they are perfectly shaped for a collage canvas print. The vintage borders give the impression of cool retro to the collage canvas, creating a really personal and exciting canvas, telling a thousand words.

Don't take our word for it; use our Instagram App and the canvas collage builder to view your unique collage canvas before your buy.

Instagram collage canvases. Bringing your art alive.

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